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Where’s your camera bag? Mine is on my iPhone.

Camera Bag is a iPhone app that provides about a dozen filters you can apply to your iPhone photos. The filters themselves are pretty good. You can choose from Helga, Magazine, 1974, Mono, 1962, Colorcross, Instant, Lolo, Cinema, Fisheye, and Infrared.

I personally use the 1974 and occasionally the Magazine and Helga filters.

Camera Bag Helga Filter

Camera Bag Helga Filter at the KISS concert

The app itself opens pretty quick. You can then choose to take a picture or get an image from the Camera Roll. The image will open in Camera Bag and whatever filter you have selected will be previewed on your screen. In true iPhone fashion you can use your thumb and just scroll the image to apply new filters or use a drop down menu.

Once you apply the filter you can save it and even email it from the app. I prefer though to use the standard iPhone email as it seems a bit faster. The Camera bag app also lets you open a camera from the app. Again I usually use the standard iPhone camera as it opens a bit quicker.

Why use the iPhone as a camera? Well sometimes it’s all you got. Plus with a little tweaking you can get a decent picture suitable for the web with your iPhone. I personally use it to post to blogs and in the case of a KISS concert it was the only thing I had.

Should you buy it? Yes.
For $1.99 the Camera bag app is the perfect companion to your iPhone camera.

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Camera Bag 1974 filter

Camera Bag 1974 filter

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  • David Randall November 6, 2009, 10:32 am

    Thanks for the great review. Glad you’re liking the filters. The KISS photo looks great. We also just released a new version with the Colorcross filter you might enjoy.

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